Our Earth is bleeding. The ‘Earth’s Blood’ is being sucked out of her very life support systems and fossil legacy.

Her blood is our blood and the precious blood of all of God’s Creation. And Her blood is the very essence of the spirit of God.

We are inflicting mortal wounds on the very planet which God so graciously gave us to last for all generations until the end of time. God’s human children have become eco-terrorists, slashing gaping holes in our earthly home, blasting away the faces of Her and God’s beautiful mountains, slaughtering Her whales, clear-cutting Her once magnificent forests and plundering Her precious resources.

The blood of our Earth is the blood of Her wildlife, the life-giving sap of Her living trees, the waters of Her springs, rivers, and oceans, the precious oils which lie beneath Her skin and the blood of Her children who are dying because of war, famine, and human induced terrorism.

We must stop cutting and chopping and slashing the planet and biosphere which gives us life. We must preserve Her and protect Her and defend Her from assault.

Her wounds are deep, and have threatened Her very existence as a living organism Created by God for our perpetual benefit; but if we stop the destruction and begin the process of healing, our planetary home can recover and give us and all Creation life and love until the end of time.


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